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Interview 12 April 2006
Interview with Michelle Jan Dyke
European Performance Cars Magazine

[EPCM] Your cars are absolutely Beautiful

[Holliday] Thank you, that was a very nice comment. Yes our cars are beautiful and I am very proud of what we do here. What make us so unique from any of our competitors is we provide a top quality vehicle that was inspired by the 1969 Shelby Mustang BUT with a modern twist.

[EPCM] Why do your cars perform so well?

[Holliday] You see, we understand that the collectors and performance car market has a lot of competition. The Italians have done a magnificence job over the years designing their Ferraris and Massaraties and the Americaís have equally performed with the Ford GT and some mopars. So we at XL Velocity had to do a better job. Anybody can drop down the funds to purchase any of the cars I just mentioned but the XLVelocity GT500XL1 is a limited production performance vehicle that is very special.

[EPCM] Explain to me if itís true that your cars are designed around the NASCAR design? Is that true?

[Holliday] What Car collectors and thrill seekers desire is a NASCAR Type Vehicle. And we delivered.We designed the PERFECT, Full Functional Performance Collector Vehicle in History. PERIOD. Our cars have literally been re-engineered from the ground up! When a driver gets behind the wheel of our vehicles, itís the closest they will get to driving a NASCAR .

[EPCM] So your cars have the same structural integrity and suspension system of the same Nascarís that are in the Nextel Cup in the United States?

[Holliday] Xl Velocity started from the ground up and commissions a NASCAR Frame building company to engineer a Perfectly Custom Fit NASCAR type frame and Suspension for our vehicles. The GT500XL1 is a perfectly balanced tubular frame with high performance 4 wheel disk brakes and coil over suspension. Each frame takes over 120 hours of meticulous cutting, secure welding and inspect prior to being powder coated. Our design is far superior to the bolt on suspension configuration used by our competitors.

[EPCM] I read that the majority of your customers are actually NASCAR drivers? Is that really true?

[Holliday] With the investment number of our vehicles, there is no reason to settle for less quality and performance. Our customers understand what quality means. In fact, the GT500 XL1 has caught the eyes of a few Nextel Cup drivers who have purchased because they recognize the performance similarities of what they drive on the weekend and what the GT500 XL1 delivers.

[EPCM] Well, Any last wordís Rik?

[Holliday] Hereís a chance of owning a piece of one of Americaís most sought after muscle car but far beyond the original design in performance standards of the 60ís. The owner of this car will be driving a nostalgic looking vehicle with a racing frame and added safety features of todayís standards.

[Holliday] Pretty cool Iíd say

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