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About Us Main Pic XL Velocity's version of Mustangs moved to a level that is unmatched. Joining with some well experienced NASCAR engineers, XLVelocity has developed what might be the best performance 69-70 restomod ever made. The limited production Mustangs maintains to look of the 69-70 Shelby but adds some discreet muscle appearance starting with the slightly flared wheel wells and redesigned rear end. Drop in the Super Cobra Jet Motors and the fun begins. The driver is forced to lock in their 5 point safety harness before the Bluetooth ignition will ignite the pleasure experience. If your up for enjoying your favorite tune while sitting in your Leather Reclinable Ricaro Type Racing Seat, either Link to your cellphone or jam via Satellite tuner to the rocket thunder 300 watt system.

Remember your first real true roller coaster ride? This is the best street legal vehicle you will experience say Holliday. A piece of true American Muscle Car with the safety of today’s luxury cars. These Mustang's will sting you with performance you will never forget.

Rik Holliday Co-Founder Biography

Rik Holliday

Holliday born in SC, obtained his need for speed from his marine jet flying father. Shortly after his birth, the family relocated to Southern California so his father could train for the Blue Angel's flying squad. It was 1969, living in the epicenter of U.S. Sports car capital is when Holliday witnessed the new Ford Shelby GT500 (428 CJ) and was hooked for life. With speed and performance a part of his genetic makeup, he was impressed with the sound, speed and beauty of this fine piece of Detroit and Southern Cal integration. Holliday always strived for the perfect car

During Holliday’s teen years, the family relocated to Detroit, perfecting his dream. Holliday’s family rubbed the shoulders of some of the best designers that ever came out of Detroit. The adrenalin kicked into hyper speed. Holliday started modifying 69-70 mustangs with modern technology.

For nearly 30 years years, Holliday and his company, XLVelocity has been building One Offs. Holliday’s passion to produce a limited production of 69-70 has now come full circle.

Brett Harbison Co-Founder Biography

Born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, Brett was the son of an aeronautical engineer employed at General Dynamics (the company that virtually invented marine and aero space defense systems).

Being a multi-generation Texas family from both his parent’s ancestry, a strong value and belief system was instilled into Brett. The idea that a man is the result of his actions, not his name or what he owns, was the deep current that ran through his upbringing. Sundays, after church in the backyard, found the Harbison family doing the traditional Texas barbeque, conversations with his father and worker friends about modern technologies and aerospace materials and performance always fascinated Brett and sent his imagination flying.

Growing up, Brett was always drawn to high tech, high performance toys. Motorcycles, boats, and cars, combined with the newest gadgets and gizmos the electronics industry could offer, made Brett an endless source of new ideas and creations for cutting edge performance. To further enhance the optimal performance he was achieving from his engines, Brett drew from his knowledge of materials and designs used in the aerospace and defense realm. By experimenting with carbon fibers, Brett was manufacturing body panels out of Kevlar and graphite composite before the words even entered the Webster Dictionary. Brett quickly learned that reducing the weight of the vehicles, while increasing their rigidity, helped him win money at the races; both on the water and the track.

The endless experiments, using new technology has never stopped with Brett. His list of accomplishments has put him in contact with some of the leading edge technology teams on the planet. Brett’s expertise on advanced materials and engine designs, combined with his “good old boy” Texas horse sense, makes Brett’s demand for perfection a never ending quest. Brett’s main driver is “everything has room for improvement…perfection is near”.